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  • Psychology of Color

    I saw an interesting chart the other the other day on the “psychology of color”. In this case, it was mainly targeted toward paint colors and home decorating projects. But I got to thinking how color can have an impact on our websites as well.

    Color is one of the first cues we have, as web consumers, when visiting a new website. Color is the first thing our eye perceives, even before any text is read or graphics are observed. The split second we have once we tap a url into the address bar of our browser until it loads fully goes a long way to making a first impression on your customers.

    It’s important to tie color into the nature of your business. For example, one would expect a day spa to have a soothing color scheme, perhaps muted pinks, taupes or greens. A sports car dealership would be best served by concrete grey, black or even red – masculine, strong, aggressive. What color would you expect a landscaping service company to use? Green, of course!

    As part of an overall design statement, color is a very important element. You have choices when it comes to your color scheme. The most popular color schemes are:

    Monochromatic – a single color used throughout your website

    Analogous – use of 2 colors next to each other on the color wheel (red and orange, for example)

    Complementary – use of 2 colors opposite each other on the color wheel (blue and orange, for example)

    It’s important to remember, too, that each color has positive and negative attributes. For example, red can be seen as energizing, bright and passionate, but depending on the use, it can also read as aggressive, angry and temperamental. Additionally, color combinations take on different tones as well; the complementary colors of red and green, while an attractive scheme, may automatically lead many to think of Christmas, which may or may not be appropriate for your website.

    Think about your brand, and how you want others to feel about it. Then tie your overall color scheme – website, business cards, marketing materials, signage, logo, etc. – to this feeling. There is an old saying that you are “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. The colors you choose for your marketing materials, including your online presence, can either sizzle, or fizzle. Give some careful thought before you randomly choose just any color scheme to represent your brand.


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