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  • Is the World Flat?

    The world wide web, that is! While the roundness of the earth has long been established, the state of web design has fluctuated greatly over the years. Today, flat design is where it is at when it comes to presenting a professional, modern image for your business.

    What is flat design? Simply put, it is a design style that emphasizes simplistic elements and graphics over more complicated, three-dimensional images. A good example of these are drop shadows, 3D text, rotating gifs, background gradients and textures. While a sprinkling of these on a website may still work, by and large, the switch to flat design elements is seen as a more modern approach to websites.

    In the early days of the internet, once people learned how to create their own webpages, it was anything goes. A basic free-for-all meant that one added scrolling text, animated gifs, exotic typography, layered images, floating text, drop shadows and beveled call to action buttons to their heart's content. Oftentimes several of these elements, or perhaps even all of them, appeared on a single website! The result? A confsing, chaotic mess that drove site visitors mad! That's hardly the reaction you want your customers to have when they visit your website.

    At the dawn of the new millenium, a somewhat cleaner design approach appeared, narrowing down design elements to one or two per page. Gone were the obnoxious scrolling texts and animated gifs of a jumping bunny or blooming flower. While this was a welcome relief, other design elements that are today viewed as questionable remained, such as drop shadows and background textures that made no sense to the purpose of the website.

    Enter flat design. In the last couple of years, the pendulum has swung from adding anything and everything possible to a website just because you could, to creating simple websites with a very clean, minimalist approach. Clear call-to-action buttons should appear on each page, with a layout that gently guides your site visitors in a way they would expect without any extraneous design elements to distract visitors from their main purpose in visiting your page. In short: keep it simple, silly!

    We recommend everyone take at least an annual review of their website to see if it reflects current design trends. Business websites that do not have a modern, professional or clean look may drive customers to their competitors. If you think your website needs a refresh, contact us to see what we can create for you!


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