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your small business needs a website!

1. Image is everything!

In today's world, a company without a website is just a name without a face. People want to see, read about and feel comfortable with the companies they choose to do business with before laying down their hard-earned cash. Without a website, you're lost in the sea of competitors without anything to distinguish you from them.

2. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

How many small businesses can afford a staff person available 24/7 to answer clients' questions? With a well-designed website, you have just that - a dedicated component of your team that's available whenever your client goes searching for you.

7. Change your message instantly

Have you ever printed a brochure or price list, only to have it rendered out of date within a couple months? With a website, you can quickly and easily offer the latest news, information, price changes, even coupons and specials to your customers. They'll immediately have an impact, as opposed to print media, which can become outdated quickly.

3. Build a database of clients

Image a comprehensive list of your past, current and potential clients. With a website, you can add membership management tools that will develop such a list. This is an invaluable tool that can be used for future marketing efforts.

4. Save money

You'll save lots of money with a website over print media because you won't have to pay for design (or redesign when something becomes outdated), printing, or postage. Plus, an advertisement in the local Pennysaver only lasts as long as your client has it in their home. What if they skipped a issue, or weren't looking for your services that week? A website lasts much longer and is available anytime customers need it.

5. Open new markets

You may be content to simply serve customers in your local area, but with a website, you don't have to be. You can sell your products to someone half way across the world, growing your business with each click of the mouse!

10. Get your message out quicker

6. Keep up with the competition

The world is a busy place, we don't have the time to wait for information to arrive by mail. Keep your customers happy by giving them what they need, when they need it. This can include answers to their questions via a FAQ section, free product samples, or special coupons and promotions. You can also make documents such as applications, brochures, invoices, before-and-after pictures, a product catalog and more available on your site so your customers can download them at their leisure (which in turn saves printing and postage costs for you).

There's a good chance your competitors are already on the web. Ask yourself this: the last time you checked out a new product or service, did you look online? More and more people are turning to the internet, and if you're not online, that's a huge segment of people who are missing your message. You may have the best product or service around, but without a website to showcase it, how will anyone know?

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